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"You Are About To Discover The Ultra Secret Website Sales Processes That The Top Websites Use Every Day To Make Money Hand Over Fist...

-and why ignoring this message may cost you and your business tens of thousands of dollars over the coming years.

-and why using them could bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the same time frame and examples of how you can implement this RIGHT AWAY.





From The Desktop of Bob Prince:

Congratulations on your first step to having a website that will actually produce customers for you. I have been in this industry for several years now, and It surprises me to see other web companies charge what they do to build websites that simply do not produce.

To much emphasis is put on design, and some companies will charge astronomical prices to build you a GREAT LOOKING website. Some charge 10,000 dollars for one of these Great Looking Websites.

The problem is that they do not tell you up front that the real budget that needs to be spent on a website is getting traffic to it. So you spend a great deal of money just getting a website up and running, then you learn that will take an even more significant budget to get traffic to the website.



Thus you enter the gigantic wormhole called internet marketing.



This is where you get pulled in to various outrageous claims, where you can spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to get traffic to your site. Very few people actually practice what they preach and sell you bogus automated software with claims that you push a few buttons and you will have tens of thousands of visitors to your site per month. This is not reality.


Yet so many people fall victim to the trap, and spend years spinning in circles, spending all sorts of money just TRYING to get a sniff of some real traffic to their site.


Let me make this crystal clear. TRAFFIC is the key to your website success. It is more important than the Website Design, and will cost you several times over what your website cost.

That's why I have a slightly different approach.

Knowing ahead of time that it is going to cost you a lot of money to get traffic to your site, My pricing is not based on the design of the site.

Let me explain. Our firm will give you a very attractive website that you will be proud to display to your existing and future potential customers. The only difference is, we will use out of the box solutions to Quickly have your website up and running at a much lower cost than a traditional Website developer. You see, most Web Companies are designers only. They will build you a nice website. No question about it. But then you are done. They take your money, and you have this nice website that gets absolutely no traffic. The only people that come to your site are your relatives, that you have handed out business cards too, or told them about it, and your existing customers.

Maybe you will also get some visitors from your other advertising like Yellow Pages, or other print advertising. The problem with that is you are putting your customer through a duel step process which actually reduces your customers.

If you are advertising in print somewhere about your business, and you have included your website address, You are basically telling someone to go to your website to learn more about your products or services. Sounds Ok right?Wrong. Your print advertising should be getting you new customers, not sending them to your website. Why? Well simply put, in the internet marketing realm, we have split tested all types of scenarios, and what we have learned is that the more steps your customers have to make to initiate business with you, the more customers you will lose.

Simply put, your print advertising should be working on getting the customer to phone you, not go to a website, where they can start to navigate around on, and then get called away from the computer and forget all about what they were doing. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is tested and proven true by marketers all over the world. You want to keep your offline advertising methods completely free and clear from your online advertising methods.

Both have the same purpose. To get a prospect to initiate contact with you about your products and services. You want to have as few steps as possible in the middle of this process.


I am speaking from experience, because just a few years ago, I owned a cleaning company that serviced over a 100 mile radius, with 20 employees. My offline advertising costs were about 2500.00 per month on Yellow Pages alone. I wish I had known then what I know now. We were losing customers by having our website address in the yellow page ad. I know, you see a website in almost all Yellow Pages ads, but you will actually get more calls, by removing your website. Your website is used to attract Web Customers. I know some of this is hard to believe, however, you must understand that the internet marketing gurus have tested these things over and over again.

I have over 60 income producing websites, and I have learned that sometimes, moving something on a website page, (rearranging content) can produce a 50% or better increase in conversions. Web Marketing is a science, and needs to be done correctly.

So Today I am going to offer you an ALL-IN-ONE Website Design Solution that will not only give you an attractive Website that you will be proud to show off; it will also give you built in traffic from the 3 Major Search Engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing.


Before I do that though, I would like to present you with a case study of one of our clients results. Our Client is a Water Filtration company based in San Diego California. They wanted a website built. We did some research and found a term that we could go after in the search engines. Best Water Purification. Here are the results of our efforts:







Our Client's only need to sell a couple of their high end water filtration systems, to pay for our services.

The rankings can easily be maintained by a low monthly maintenance fee to ensure they stay where they are, and to even make sure that we capture the number #1 spot in Google where we are currently sitting at #4.

What would having a #1 ranking in these Search Engines do for your business?

Would you get more leads?

Would you get more customers?

How much more would having thousands of visitors a month coming to your website that you would have not received before add to your bottom line?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

I know the next client was struggling to get traffic to his RV Camping site, when he asked for our help.

This client has an RV Camping Site in Beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia. This is a prime spot for camping in BC and is literally covered in competition with sites every few miles for hundreds of miles. How was this site going to have a chance at standing out from the crowd. Simple. Hire us.


Search Term: rv camping revelstoke





YAHOO #2, AND #3



BING #1,2 Under Local Listings Paid Ads


It does not matter how many matches are in the search engines either. Whether you have 100,000 matches or 40,000,000 matches, we can get you results. In fact we guarantee it. Read Below for our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!




When you hire us to build you a website. We want you to be happy. Thats why we have built in 2 months of Laser Targeted SEO Services that include the following services that Guarantee that you will get ranked on the first page of Google.

1. Video Submission Services - We make a commercial for your business, and submit it to all the top video sites on the web giving you massive exposure and backlinks to your website.

2. Article Submission Services - We create 8 articles in 8 consecutive weeks and spin these articles into hundreds of unique content articles and submit them to hundreds of article directories each week, giving you more backlinks each week.

Other not revealed strategies that GUARANTEE that you will get on the first page of 1 or all 3 of the major search engines.

If we fail to get you on the first page of any of the top 3 Search Engines, Google, Yahoo, or Bing, then we will continue to work for you FOR FREE until we achieve these results.

With a Guarantee like that you would be crazy not to take us up on it!



Now let me explain why I got into the Website Design, and SEO Services Business. 
For years I have have been making a killing in the Internet Marketing Arena, and have even been asked to publicly speak at conventions and seminars, in which I happily declined. I would have made even more money. I would have achieved even greater recognition in the Internet Marketing Industry. However.... I did not get into Internet Marketing because of Ego. I did not build all the websites that I have so that I could become famous. It kind of happened anyways, but that was not my motivation.

My motivation is right here just a flight above me on the second floor of my 4000 sq foot house. It is my wife and kids. If I was to travel and do seminars, and make connections with people that could advance my career to the 7 figure level per year, that would be great on the financial side of things, but would take me away from my family more than I would like. I did not get into business to be a slave to travel, hours, and time away from my family all in the name of the almighty dollar. I am guessing you did not go into business to be a slave either. The funny thing is, that most small business owners do become slaves to their business, and work excessive hours, trying to make their business become bigger. For the largest part of my adult life, I have been a workhorse. Either for someone else being employed at a job, or for my own business when I had 20 employees running a large Residential/Office Cleaning company.


"I have learned that you CAN work smarter. You CAN get better results with lesser hours. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when you own a business. Only if you can find the path to get there though"


I am still the work horse that I have always been, the only difference now is, that I have become in control of how much I work, when I work, and where I work. This freedom gives me a passion, and now work is no longer work. It is a hobby that I love, and pays well. All business owners should have this experience.

I will not tell you that I can give this to you. What I will tell you is that by having a website ranked in the top of the search engines, it truly is like having an extra employee that finds prospects for you, and closes them into paying customers. I can show you that in a few websites of mine. I have 3 Membership sites that earn me money each month whether I work or not. New people are signing up on them each and everyday and I have not done any work on these sites in years. This is from a combination of being ranked high in the Search Engines, and utilizing affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is useful when promoting digital products like software, ebooks, or info products. Search Engine marketing is good for any type of business.


Here are a few of my businesses that make money on autopilot for me year in and year out.

This site has over 15,000 members, and continues to grow at 300-400 members each month. It makes money from upgrades when people elect to upgrade and take the pro version software. It has become the standard on the internet when it comes to making flash headers. Don't trust me on this. Google will tell you the same thing.


Ranked # 1 for free flash headers




Ranked # 5 for make flash headers


Ranked # 2 for build flash headers


The truth is, I could keep on going on and on, about all the sites I have, and my clients sites that I have ranked on the first page, but this would make this page just too long. I am hoping that you can see by now, that we can get results in the search engines. The above samples of clients sites were just what we accomplished in the first 30 days of starting up mustardseedmarketing/images Like I mentioned, I was an internet marketer first, then decided to get into the Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Service later. I am good at getting sites ranked, and it enabled me to utilize my skills to directly help people on a case by case basis. I am finding this more rewarding than my internet marketing sites that make me money on autopilot.


The beauty of this is whether you are a digital product or service, or a physical products store, we can get you ranked!

So for all you internet marketers out there, that are unable to get your sites on the first page of the Search Engines, we can help too!

We are still a very young company, and through my marketing and SEO skills we will be helping hundreds of sites per year achieve top rankings in the search engines, and getting lots of leads for their business.

That's why my pricing can only remain as low as it is on this page for the one time you see it.


If you like what you see, and you know you need these services, then today is the day you need to act, because if you hesitate, you will not save the 500 dollars that you save by ordering today. Worse than that, my prices are subject to increase as we build more case studies (hopefully yours). We will eventually be charging no less than 5000 dollars for what I am going to offer you today for a mere fraction of this cost.


First let me explain everything you get by ordering The Complete Website Design SEO Package Today!


The Complete Website Design SEO Package

1. Keyword Research

This is a crucial first step BEFORE you build a website. This is where so many companies fail to do the proper research before buying a domain name. This step literally can save you thousands of dollars monthly and tens of thousands of dollars annually in advertising costs.

What we do is search for the EASIEST keyword phrase to get you ranked on the first pages of the search engines, that relates to your business and is still searched enough times to be worth getting ranked for.

We used our sophisticated software systems and experience to pick out the gem keyword phrases that your competitors did not get, because they did not hire competent website developers, or they hired people that were competent website developers that just know nothing about marketing and SEO services.

This is so important, and mostly missed. I wrote an article about this, that was so popular, that 24 hours after I had written it, the article was syndicated on hundreds of other websites overnight. It is the beginning of our ranking system, and without it, you can spend thousands of dollars trying to get ranked just to never have it happen.

If you have the time, you can read this article here. It will open in a new window, because if you close this window, you will lose out on the 500.00 dollar discount I am offering for you today.


2. Complete Website Build

First We Work On The Design Of Your Site. We Make A Professional Looking Site Using Internet Marketing Conversion Techniques to Place The Right Things On The Right Parts of The Website To Make Sure We Capitalize On The Traffic We Will Get On A Later. We do the initial build, design, then work closely with the client on the content we add.

We allow 2-3 Revisions for the client in design to make sure they are happy with the appearance.


3. Professional Copy Written Follow Up System Installed

We then give your website visitors a reason to signup to learn more, or to give them something free as an ethical bribe that will allow our professionally copy written auto responder series to contact them over and over again with valuable information pertaining to your product or service.

Warning: This done incorrectly will alienate your visitors, and you will lose potential customers.

By giving them free valuable information on a scheduled interval, this system will follow up several times winning your prospect over, building trust. When your customer is ready to buy or make a decision, you will be at the forefront of their thoughts, and will win this prospect as a paying customer. Do not worry. There is always some reason for any business, and any situation to have people give up their email address and name so that you can initiate this crucial automated followup.


4. A Google Local Listing Service


The listings you see inside the Red Box represent businesses that services or sell products within a specific Geographical Area. That means if someone types in shoe repair, the listings that appear within that red box, are all shoe repair businesses within a close proximity of where the Search Engine Visitor lives.

This service we provide is crucial to businesses and services that specialize within a specific region.

This is a bonus service that we do not charge for, but will do if your business fits the criteria and the search term we target produces Google Local Listings results.

If there is a local result for the search term, you can bet we will go after it and get you in the coveted top 7 in Google Places.

5. Our Professional Search Engine Optimization Services.

This is the last and very crucial component that most website companies simply fail their customers. Most companies finish at Step 1. Steps 2 - 4 are very important, butwithout this final step, you are just another website in the abyss of over 500,000,000 other websites the majority of which get no traffic.

With these services we do a variety of things, including video creation and submission. Content creation and articles submission into hundreds of other sites. There are many factors in good SEO and we implement all of them for 2 months included in the price.This step is like having an entire staff of people working at putting your website in front of TARGETED eyeballs all over the internet that are interested in your product or service. This step is the magic for getting your site ranked on the first pages of Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

If we fail to get you on the first page of any of these Search Engines, for this offer today,we are offering to WORK FOR FREE INDEFINITELY until your site is ranked on the first page of Google. You will not see this GUARANTEE with any other SEO firm out there, and this is how we separate the men from the boys in the SEO Game.





My commitment to your success I have been told is relentless.

If you do not succeed, I do not succeed, and therefore I make sure you get ranked. Anything less is unacceptable, and I and my team will work for free until we achieve the goal.

Once we have received your payment below, 1 of 2 things will happen.

Either we will accept the order, and move forward and get you ranked......Or.....

Upon review of your request, we will deny your request and promptly refund you ALL of your money in full.

The only reason this may occur is that we do not feel that we can accomplish your task. (This rarely happens, as we have clients ranked on the first page with over 45,000,000 matches in the search term) However, to protect your best interests, if we feel that we are going to be fighting an unwinnable fight, then we will just save us both the time and frustration, and refund your money in Full or present you with another option that will be your choice to accept the refund or go with option 2.

I am taking all the risk out of this for you. If you do not succeed, I will be extremely bummed out :(




Ok, so now is the time to get to the point.

How much are these services worth?

I do know other firms that have been around a little longer in the Web Design Field that I have even though I have been doing this for myself for several years. These firms will charge between 5,000 dollars and 10,000 dollars to give you everything I have listed above.

So will I in the future, but because I am still in need of case studies, I am only charging a fraction of what these other companies charge forthe same results I AM GUARANTEEING you to have with mustardseedmarketing/images.


I charge 2995.00 for everything you see in the above Package Outline.


This is what I have been charging, and will actually increase this pricing after I have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that I can do this for any business, any niche, or any product that you can put in my way. This could be today that the price goes up, tommorrow, next week or next month. It is all about how many current projects are coming to fruition on the first page of the Major Search Engines. The only thing I can tell you that in our early career here, we are batting a 100% success rate. It won't be long before my prices skyrocket to match what my competitors are charging.


However, I have some good news for you today.


In the video at the top of the screen I told you that if you acted today, I am giving you an additional 500 dollars off of my Complete Website Design Package if you ordered today! The reason I am doing this, is because I know from experience that people that take action when they see a good thing are always the ones to succeed before others. It is to your advantage to take this offer today, because you will not only save yourself over 50% minimum of what my competitors charge without the guarantee, but you will also receive my 2 unconditional GUARANTEES that you will succeed with getting ranked on the first pages of these Major Search Engines.



By Acting Today, You Will Save A Minimum of 50% To What My Competitors Charge For This Service AND get 2 GUARANTEES OF SATISFACTION OF OUR WORK!


Today Only $2495.00

Pay In 2 Monthly Installments of 1250.00 Each

Order Now





To Order By Phone Right Now!

(Phone Orders 9:00 am to 5:00 Pm Eastern Standard Time Monday to Friday)

Warmest Regards,


Bob Prince

PS. What are you doing still reading this? Today is the time to act. Save 500 dollars by placing your order today.